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all these doodles n drawins r just comin out left nr ight my arms r killin me

Photo 25 Jul 15 notes aaaNNDD STEVEN!!!


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The temptation to color that sketch was too much.

Available as a print here!

Text 25 Jul

if i ever say something thats a really asshole-ish thing to say, let me know because usually that is not how i meant it to come out

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i hate sucking at explaining things

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Text 25 Jul

even though you may not exactly be racist, or sexist, continue to keep an open mind. if someone comes to you saying that what they do is highly disturbing and disrespectful, take time to understand why. dont push it off like you are better than them. dont pretend that you are high and mighty just because you think you are a good person, or because you are someone whos discriminated against already. always be willing to hear others out.

Photo 25 Jul 5 notes i still like my sketches most.

i still like my sketches most.

Photo 25 Jul 14 notes couldnt leave out pearl

couldnt leave out pearl

Photo 25 Jul 13 notes i have a hard time drawing garnet ; _;
here have a boring pose

i have a hard time drawing garnet ; _;

here have a boring pose

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